Netflix free

Netflix plus 

Netflix+ is a streaming app for your android smartphone. With this app you can watch all Netflix series for as well as from other streaming platform like Disney plus ,Hulu, Amazon prime, HBO max and many more. 

Get Netflix+ for your android phone

Netflix+ is completely free. you can test the app without activation it will let you watch few movies and shows
but In order to watch unlimited movie and show you need to activate your Netflix+ app using your Google id id. Don't worry activation is completely free. 

click here to get Activation key for free 

One code is for one device. You can use as many as Gmail id to activate multiple devices.
( Login with your Gmail id after that scrolldown the next page to see your activation key e.g 5F135EE67ECDEF9)

Or use 

Temp key: 5F835EE97ECEEC0 
( this only help to stop asking for key. In order  watch all movie you still need active key)

Why activation required?
Answer: To protect our server from external threat like unnecessary traffic, Media leech, bandwidth steal and unauthorized access to end users.

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