Google Photos will remove upload unlimited photos and are there any alternative ?

Google Photos is changing its rules. The application has the ability to download photos in original quality and in high quality. In the first case, the photo is loaded in the original, in the second case, the algorithms compress them. 

 Moreover, high-quality photos could be uploaded to the cloud without limit, their weight was not calculated when taking into account the total space in the account.

google photos

Effective June 1, 2021, Google has decided to remove unlimited uploads for high quality photos. In fact, now all photos in the cloud will be counted and there is only 15 GB in the base space in the account. If the space runs out, they offer to pay for a Google One subscription.

As an explanation, it was reported that more than 4 trillion photos were uploaded and 28 million are uploaded every day, so that the service can develop further, such a restriction is being introduced.

 In general, the policy of giving something to users and then taking it away is not the best. After the changes, in essence, Google Photos will become a regular gallery app with basic photo and video editing capabilities.

It seems that Google has trained its algorithms for image and video compression and now the user data is simply not needed. Google Photos can lose many users from such actions. 

As a plus, it is worth informing that the weight of all photos uploaded before June 1, 2021, will not be counted and after the introduction of restrictions, such a restriction will only be for new photos and videos.

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