eDEX-UI A Hollywood inspired cool terminal for your PC

This is a dream for many pc users to look there pc's interface like movies until now.eDEX-UI - an quite unusual interface balancing between graphical and command line.eDEX-UI is a terminal emulator designed in the style of the computer interface from the movie Tron Legacy.

This project is developed on the platform of the Electron platform. Side panels display system parameters, CPU load, RAM usage, and at the bottom of the screen there is a file manager and keyboard. That allows you to use this terminal on touch screens. 

When typing, there is a soundtrack, which also contributes to immersion in the atmosphere. The environment can be customized to your taste, you can change the color, move the panels, and it is also possible to set the themes . 

 There have been attempts to create a similar interface before, but most often it was either concept art or a prototype. eDEX-UI is a complete working environment that you can use. Moreover, it works in Linux, macOS and Windows. 

 The interface is built on the principle of everything at once. It immediately displays the activity of the computer, whether it be the load on the processor or the network connection, there is a file manager and a keyboard right away. It looks futuristic, but at the same time there is something attractive in such minimalism.

There is support for skins, but most often skins are just a color change. In general, the developments are interesting and there is room for development. 

 Although eDEX-UI is far from a full-fledged environment in which someone can volunteer to work, not as an experiment.

 I am glad that this is not another attempt to create something similar to the interface of Windows or macOS. 

You can get the latest version of eDex-ui for Linux,MAC,Windows by clicking the link below:


It should be noted that the eDEX-UI terminal is still resource-intensive, and, accordingly, it is not recommended to use it on weak machines. 

Otherwise, it is a fully functional terminal emulator that can be used in place of a regular terminal on your system. To exit the eDEX-UI, just type “exit” and the eDEX-UI will close.

if you are having problem installing edex ui you can see the documentation or read this article about how to install this on linux here

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