Xiaomi Mi 10 coming with two front cameras under the screen support 8K / 30fps and 50x zoom

Xiaomi Mi 10 will have two front cameras under the screen, igeekphone.com reports .Xiaomi recently showed a prototype with a front-facing on-screen camera that highlights the technology's progress. A new patent has now emerged, suggesting that Xiaomi may not be limited to placing one camera below the display, but two cameras instead.

Samsung might launch a under display camera smartphone next. It has been speculated that other manufacturers plan to integrate the same technology into their models and Xiaomi is one of them.

Xiaomi recently demonstrated the production of new technology, showing a front camera working model that is located directly on the screen. And now there's new patent information, according to which a company can conceal not one, but two cameras under the display at once.

 In theory, this will allow you to take higher-quality selfies, but the patent does not indicate details about both the new development's functionality.

Photo by igeekphone.com

All this looks very interesting on paper, but in fact different problems will occur-for example, distortion of the image on the camera, which eventually decreases the quality of the photo; Xiaomi will have to use complex software algorithms to solve the problem.

In 2020, Xiaomi will release a smartphone with a camera under the screen, with Xiaomi Mi 10 most likely to be the model. Two more manufacturers, in addition to Samsung and Xiaomi, have expressed their intention to use this technology-OPPO and Huawei

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