For more than thirty years, Microsoft has been an almost complete monopolist in the world of personal computer operating systems. It had both successes and defeats during this time, but this is not about it. Presently, Windows 10 is relevant-a fairly successful operating system which was released in stable form in 2015. Though, despite the pros, the tenth "Windows" has its disadvantages. Frequency is one of them. It's quite "dropping" even when compared to Windows 8.1, which is not very good.

Over Windows 10's four and a half years, many updates have been released. They added new functionalities, improved the appearance, stabilized and protected the system. But the question of results persisted. Microsoft has stated repeatedly that it will change-with almost every update.

Every time the pledge remained empty. Users did not notice any shifts. But, now, the issue has finally been solved in the last device build before the next update of Windows 11.

The 19H2 update, which can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website, emerged a few weeks ago. It is expected that it can start to be distributed through Windows Update within a few weeks, that is, before the end of the year. That means the maximum number of users on their devices will be able to install a new assembly.

Experts from Microsoft are assuring that 19H2 showed a huge increase in technological test speed. In some cases, more than twice the number of other assemblies.

Whether this is the case, time will tell, but so far, users who downloaded this assembly themselves, without waiting for it to appear in Windows Update, seem to be satisfied.

It's ironic that just a few months before the release of the new operating system, Microsoft was able to fix the eternal problem of the tenth "Windows." That does inspire some optimism, though.

After all, if the Windows 10 19H2 operating time is used in Windows 11, it means that the new operating system will work much better than the current "eight." Not misleading to ordinary users at least in this Microsoft ads-maybe they will keep their other commitments, including about the new update system?

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