Why Python is the best programming language for beginners ?

The Python programming language has recently shown impressive results.Thats why the number of its followers is constantly increasing. Although ten years ago many doesn't take it seriously, but now companies like Google, Yahoo, Spotify, Twitter all work with python. These findings are of course not accidental: this programming language has many benefits, including a low entry threshold. For beginner programmers Python is the best option.

Why should beginner choose python ?

1. Python has Simple syntax :

On Python, writing code is really simple. This is because it is a high level programming language . This means that Python does not work explicitly with the processor and machine code in its commands, but with abstractions.

For example, in Assembler, a low-level programming language, to solve the set tasks it is necessary to explain to the processor on the fingers what exactly is required of it.

In other programming languages ​​(most often in the C, C ++, C # line), the level of abstraction is higher, however, despite this, to solve simple problems, you still need to write “sheets” of code.

Python has gone a long way off that. Of particular, it is worth noting that it works on the basis of the C programming language itself, which is why it loses a little in the speed of execution of commands, but has a significant advantage in the ease of programming and code readability.

Therefore, Python removes the need for the programmer to understand what's happening in the applied programming language "under the hood."

Basically, you still need to find out how Python transforms the code into machine code-but that's going to come later. That kind of information won't help a newcomer.

For example code, suppose we have to show "Hello, World" on the user's display

In C++ :

In Python :

In Comparison of Python with the popular PHP

In PHP :

In Python:

You can see clearly that Python attempts to use as few elements as possible.commas, dashes, brackets everything to a minimum.

Consequently, the Python software code includes a large number of English words-it can be read in areas like plain text. That simplifies the work greatly.

That's not to presume that the other programming languages are worse. They're just valid in other places, say, without the same brackets-well, just nowhere. And firstConcision and a high speed of writing code are necessary for beginners.

2. Python is easy to get started :

With some programming languages for example, Java it's difficult for a newcomer to even install the necessary software.

You have to realize the directories of the scripts, dance with a xylophone, configure the compiler correctly, sing songs-and even then there is no guarantee that everything will work as it should.

An example of creating a file for compiling (running) code in the C programming language:

Python eliminates these problems. you just need to download the installer from the official site. install it and that's it!

The code itself can be written in a regular text file (.txt) or use special development environments - for example, the popular PyCharm editor.

3. Python has huge libraries :

Programming languages are used to perform a wide variety of tasks,from machine learning to mathematical problem solving, from artificial intelligence research to website development.

Of course, there has is its own toolkit of special library for each specific task. These libraries are commands that might be required during the process.

For example, in the sql3 library, which is used to work with databases, there are commands for creating them and adding new records to the database.

Python virtue - huge standard library

In the case of Python, at first you will not need to write your own code to solve some problems this can be done using libraries.

There are 300 of them in the starter pack: more than enough to even solve the most difficult task.

The following libraries are most important for beginners pygame.if you want to create games, requests for those who want to work with Internet resources, kivy for creating mobile applications. The list goes on.

 but only you can understand and appreciate what will be most useful in your case. Fortunately, the affordable "range" is simply huge.

With other programming languages. everything is somewhat more complicated.the set of start libraries is either too small. you need to find them on the Internet or there are not very many of them at all.

And then you need to write code yourself to solve applied problems, And then test it. after that correct the errors that occurred. And then do it again if you encounter a similar problem in another project.

4. Python Community :

Indeed claims that Python is the second most sought after market. And the popular ratings of Redmond and Tiobe unanimously claim that this language is among the top 5 most popular among programmers.

Which means Python's programming community of people is truly huge. If you have any concerns or questions, you will certainly be assisted. But they still come up. Lots of problems. Lots of questions.

Programmers have a saying: "If the answer to your question is not on the Internet, you were looking badly.

5. Python Developer's Philosophy :

All questions about the virtues of Python are answered by the “philosophy” formulated by the developers, which, by the way, can be displayed by typing the import this command in the console .


Beautiful is better than ugly.
Explicit is better than implicit.
Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than intricate.
Flat is better than nested.
Sparse is better than dense.
Readability matters.
Special cases are not so special as to break the rules.
Moreover, practicality is more important than impeccability.
Mistakes should never be hushed up.
If not hushed up explicitly.
When faced with ambiguity, discard the temptation to guess.
There must be one - and preferably only one - obvious way to do this.
Although at first it may not be obvious, if you are not Dutch.
Better now than never.
Although often never better than right now.
If the implementation is difficult to explain, the idea is bad.
If the implementation is easy to explain, the idea is probably a good one.
Namespaces are a great idea -- Let's do more of those!

...Program is finish with exit code o
Press ENTER to exit console. 

Start with Python 

So, you have chosen Python as your first programming language. How to start?

First decide what exactly you want to do and move in this direction. At first training courses available on the Internet could be useful. Fortunately there are really a lot of them.

You can find training materials both on special platforms such as Coursera or Stepik and on YouTube.

Regardless of your chosen specialization, you will need to learn the basic syntax of Python. Books may also be helpful. The most popular among beginners is Learning Python by M. Lutz.

After gaining the first practical experience in a “combat environment” it will be much easier to choose the scope of Python and development in the right direction.

Summary :

Programming is a very interesting and diverse work everybody can find themselves indeed. however,the tasks a programmer faces are rather challenging and going to demand, you have to be a true professional.

Moreover, Python saves the beginner from the overload of hard mechanical work, provides space for the first steps in programming and carefully nurtures IT specialists for beginners, routinely training them for real computer science research.

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