Frostpunk is coming to iOS and Android

The Frostpunk recently got the Last Fall add-on prequel he Last Autumn add-on trailer for Frostpunk release has already taken place.The Last Autumn storyline add-on for the Frostpunk strategy .It can already be bought on Steam.In addition to the scenario, players are waiting for a new version of the Infinite mode, two sets of laws, a new technology tree, social classes and so on.

11 bit Studios told investors that a mobile version of Frostpunk will be released on iOS and Android . Details are not yet known, the corresponding document is published on the company's website.

11 bit Studios has signed an agreement to release a game based on IP Frostpunk on iOS and Android with a leading global mobile gaming company The game will maintain valuable interactive entertainment properties That is another step towards growing Frostpunk as a multinational intellectual property multi-channel. More details will be provided later including the partner company name and details about the release of the game.

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