Coronavirus treatment ZTE and China Telecom use 5G technology to diagnose

A major international provider of telecommunication solutions, ZTE Corporation (0763.HK/000063,SZ), as well as corporate and consumer technology for the mobile Internet and the division telecommunications provider China Telecom in Sichuan carried out the first the assembly of remote diagnosis of the novel coronavirus is supported by the innovation of 5G technologies.

Due to the high throughput and extremely small delay time, the communication standard of new generation 5G enhances the efficiency and the convenience of diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

 In the session of remote diagnostics, technology 5G was attended by experts from Western China hospitals and the National medical center, Sichuan University.

Given the current situation on the ground, ZTE used its own CPE equipment to provide 5G services through external communication signals while creating internal call points.

On January 25, indoor 5G base stations were built and connected to each other and a conference room with the necessary communication equipment for conducting remote diagnostics and treatment procedures was equipped on the territory of the West China Hospital.

On January 26, ZTE completed all work on equipping, optimizing, testing communication speeds and commissioning the 5G internal distribution system at another endpoint of the remote diagnosis and treatment system.

After the launch of the 5G network, specialists from the Sichuan Health Administration, West China Hospital and Chengdu People's Medical Center conducted a remote video consultation.

By the work plan of the Sichuan Health Department, the West China Hospital at Sichuan University will become the central hub of the remote 5G diagnostic system, and specialists from this medical institution will receive and provide remote treatment for patients in 27 hospitals in the country.

 At the next stage, ZTE will create the first in China 5G remote diagnosis system for coronavirus infection, operating at the provincial, city and county levels.

This system will provide a “single network” of remote diagnostics in advanced medical facilities in Sichuan, providing support and assistance to colleagues from Wuhan. In the future, ZTE will, via the 5G network, organize video consultations with members of the emergency group for the provision of medical care in Wuhan, providing patients in critical condition with ZTE is a provider of advanced telecommunications systems, mobile devices and enterprise technology solutions for consumers, operators, private companies and public sector customers.

 As part of its strategy, the company seeks to provide customers with integrated, comprehensive innovation to increase productivity and provide added value as the telecommunications and information technology sectors converge.

The company is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges (stock code H: 0763.HK / stock code A: 000063.SZ). ZTE sells its products and services in more than 160 countries.

To date, the company has concluded 35 contracts for the deployment of 5G commercial networks in the largest markets in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa. ZTE devotes ten percent of its annual revenue to R&D and plays a leading role in international organizations responsible for setting industry standards.

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