6 Best way to play android game in your pc like Pubg mobile & Call of duty mobile

If you are looking for a way to play Call of duty mobile or Pubg Mobile in your pc the best way to do so is android emulator. Now days there are more then enough android emulator for your windows linux and Macos PC to play or run almost any android games or apps in your pc.however every different emulator offers some exclusive feature. here is list of best android emulator to play android game .

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GameLoop Emulator
Price: Free

GameLoop is an Android emulator for gamers formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. However, Tencent is decent enough to label it the official emulator for its games, including Call of Duty: Mobile and Mobile PUBG mobile. Of course, other than Tencent's, it contains other games, although its selection is not as wide as this may be. downloaded and installed by the emulator and the games we reviewed were fine. This one is not good for checking for productivity or growth. Nonetheless, if you have a itch with some games for mobile FPS gaming, this is actually a fairly decent gaming emulator and it features a great collection of new titles. In general, the sound and control of the keyboard is excellent.

(image: call of duty running on gameloop emulator)

Download Gameloop emulator

MEmu emulator
Price: Free

MEmu app player is another of Android's up and coming emulators that seems to do gamers fairly well. Support for both AMD and Intel chipsets is one of its key features. Often function on AMD processors, but it's refreshing to see developers pay attention to the architecture of AMD specifically. It still supports Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop marshmallow from older Android version. With different games or checking functionality, you can even run multiple instances at once. It's targeted at gamers like Bluestacks and so on. It can also be used as a development tool, although. According to his website, his most recent update was at the end of December 2018, which means his creation is still in full swing.

(image: PUBG mobile running on memu emulator)
Download memu emulator

Bluestacks emulator
Price: Free / $2 per month

Bluestacks is the most widely available emulator for Android. There are a variety of reasons for all of this. It is compatible with Windows and Mac for examples. It was also one of the first to operate very well, which still receives regular updates. Mobile gamers are targeted by the emulator Bluestacks are marginalized because they can often look a little bloated. The purpose of Bluestacks 4 (launched in 2018) was to address this with mixed results. It also features main mapping and integrated settings for a lot of games. That should make it much easier to do stuff. It's one of the list's biggest emulators. It also has the most characteristics for good or worse, however. Latest changes to Android's Bluestacks 7.1.2 (Nougat),

(image: interface of  bluestacks emulator)

Download Bluestacks emulator

Nox emulator
Price: Free

Nox player is another Android emulator for gamers with Windows pc. Which includes the necessary things like key mapping with your mouse, the actual support of the controller, and even the ability to control key map gesture. You may delegate the feature to swipe right to an arrow key, for example, and use it in a game without the actual support of the hardware controller. It's a lot of fun and most of the time it seems to work pretty well. It's absolutely free and in active development as well.

Download nox emulator

LDPlayer emulator
Price: Free

LDPlayer is another Android os emulator for playing android games. It includes the usual range of gamer-oriented features, including reasonable keyboard mapping controls and the latest games support. This is one of the few emulators on the list that gets updates that are effective on almost a monthly basis. A bug that caused Call of Duty: Mobile to crash was patched by the last patch. It also supports a variety of other games such as Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Black Desert Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and so many more. It runs on an older Android version so we'd like to see it finally get an upgrade in that branch. It's, however, a decently decent experience otherwise.

(image: interface of  LD emulator)

Download LD emulator

SmartGaGa emulatorPrice: Free

smargaga is developed for low end pc .The Titan engine, the world's leading non-virtualized simulator software, was developed independently by SmartGaGa. Far lower device load and memory consumption running. Users can still play big games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire on PC smoothly even on a low-end machine with 2 GB RAM.It adopts the technology of Turbo GPU giving full play to the GPU's performance in order to achieve the best frame rate of the player. This is one of the best android ever but the development of this emulator is now on hold.Although the latest version is full functional .

(image: Mortal kombat X running on Smart gaga emulator)

Download SmartGaGa emulator

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