Get root permission with sudo in termux

A guideline to getting root access on your Android device with termux
The ability that the user has to customize and modify different configurations is one of the cool things about the Android OS. In this article, here I am going to be over how to install sudo in the Termux  terminal app for the Android terminal emulator By doing so, you have root privileges as you would on any other distro for linux..

About sudo :

Sudo (su "do") allows a system administrator to grant such users (or user groups) the ability to execute some (or all) functions as root while logging all commands and arguments. Sudo operates per order, it's not a shell replacement and many more.

This article is only for educational purposes. For any mistake we are not to be blamed.

Here is how to install sudo in termux:

Follow step by step guide to use root permission sudo in termux android.

Install Termux

1. Go to your Play Store or F-Droid (recommended) or search and install termux
2. Allow super user permission "grant root"(To obtain sudo your device must be rooted Root Your Device Root Required).

3.Now use this code one by one in Termux app:

apt update && apt upgrade 
pkg install git
git clone
cd termux-sudo && pkg install ncurses-utils
cat sudo > /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/sudo
chmod 700 /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/sudo
After last step you will be able to use sudo command with your termux.

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  1. How get my termux commmands please help me

  2. How get my termux sudo commands please help me

  3. command as root has been disabled haw to solve this problem

  4. Whe I enter the git clone link in termux the asking username and password if I can enter the username and password they can't accept see error on this link
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